[OSM-talk] What can we do to get a tile.openstreetmap.org contributable CDN within a month?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Dec 30 17:10:21 GMT 2011

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The basic outline;

- - People seem to love using tile.openstreetmap.org for any of their apps
- - Apps get blocked for various reasons, contributing back is difficult
- - OpenStreetMap wants to be the leading provider of such data

I would propose a small working group to outline what should happen to
facilitate the creation of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) serving
the basic tiles, and allow easy contribution this network. This should
produce a prototype of at least 3 servers.

Questions such as: quality, update frequency, traffic shaping,
geographical balancing and high availability could be part of this
working group.

I would like to invite anyone to participate, especially:
 - people that already have their own tileservers running, and/or
   are currently balancing traffic;
 - business folks: what could be a motivation and what can be a
   cutback in for example attribution,
 - users of for example openlayers, etc. what kind of caching can
   be applied, and if this should be configurable client side

Participation can announced in private or on list.

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