[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] What can we do to get a tile.openstreetmap.org contributable CDN within a month?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Fri Dec 30 18:17:51 GMT 2011

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I have just summerized the e-mail by Mike, and created a wiki page the
follow up the status:

Op 30-12-11 18:23, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) schreef:
> I would love to monitor such discussion and contribute if I think
> I have something to offer.  Will such discussion be here on the 
> [OSM-dev} or elsewhere?

I don't want to induce a lot of offtopic and negatively. The 30 days
in the subject is something that I would like to realise, not talk about.

> Theoretically the CoralCDN could be used for distributing OSM
> tiles by simply suffixing the domain with ".nyud.net", but I have
> not tried this yet.  There would be little to no intelligence
> brought to bear on how long individual tiles would be cached vs
> flushed and/or whether mixed-revision tiles would be present in
> and delivered from the cache, not to mention that I don't think
> the CoralCDN passes through the original User-Agent either.

I do not have yet investigated what the options are of CoralCDN, but
the main problem is to get the *alternative used*. I guess switching
to a system that is partly in our own hands results in a higher
quality, thus we must have ability to invalidate data quickly.

If that is covered in CoralCDN the only thing remaining is finding a
good solution for the 'hostname' issue.

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