[OSM-talk] Investigating missing relation

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 1 01:15:12 GMT 2011


Steve Bennett wrote:
> Thanks, I really appreciate this help. When I try and edit or create,
> I just get an error "XML parser can't parse this data". 

Hm. Unsure why. Maybe you need to drop the changeset id and/or user name 
and user id and timestamp from the relation, as those will be set 
automatically. The osmrawedit tool will have to make minor changes to 
the xml you enter so what works and doesn't not only depends on what the 
API expects, but also what osmrawedit is coded to do (and I don't know 
it so well).

> I've tried
> using .../create in the url, and removing parts of the relation
> definition (like the id, uid etc).

You can create a new relation with the old contents but it would be 
cooler if you managed to edit the old one, since that will then show up 
right in the history (people later investigating the relation would see 
that it has been created by you earlier, then deleted, then undeleted).

> Will the OSM server accept new objects being created with specific
> ids?

No, usually you would pass in the id only when updating an existing 
object (or undeleting one that has previously existed).


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