[OSM-talk] PotM: Now with more graph-y goodness

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Tue Feb 1 16:47:39 GMT 2011

I've been looking at different ways to show how people are
participating in Project of the Week / Month for a while but without
really finding a great solution.  For mapping in specific areas, a
before / after rendering is nice, but there is no "instant
gratification" from that.  And we prefer projects that allow mappers
to participate and map close to home, where their local knowledge is a
tremendous benefit.

I added graphs recently for some projects, so that you can see,
nominally, the number of objects in the OSM database.  Sadly, when
looking at frequently used tags, a week of contributions might not
make much of an impression on a simple graph of the total.

Based on feedback from project participants, I've added a bit more to
the graphs.  First is a "Recent" line, which shows the number of
objects added to the database recently.  Recently means nominally, in
the previous hour.  It isn't perfect, and it isn't gratification that
is as "instant" as we might like it, but my server can keep up with
providing these numbers.  And from day to day, or even morning to
evening, it is easier to see the scale of user contributions of a
specific type of object.

For example, recent project place_of_worship now shows a "recent" line
and text below that suggests the users add ~1.7 pow points per hour,
and 3.3 pow polygons per hour.


The current Project of the Month, buildings, has an additional feature
on the graph, suggested by PotW participants.  The "PotM" line
indicates the start and end of the Project of the Month period on the
graph. This should allow us to see the effect of a PotM, by clearly
indicating when the project was active, and showing contribution rates
before, during and after.  At some point after a project, a static
graph can be left on the project page for a permanent record.


So.  What do you think?

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