[OSM-talk] SOTM Denver travel discounts?

Coast, Hurricane hurricane.coast at mapquest.com
Tue Feb 1 19:23:14 GMT 2011

Hi Nick,

You are right about the travel discounts!
I am waiting on a few more details before this offer is 'live' but here is what it looks like.
We will have a Meeting ID # that you will use either online or by calling United.

This will get a traveller 10%-20%  off regular published fares with United Airlines (and I believe the Star Alliance group).
Travel will be available Sept 1st- Sept 30th, so giving OSMers plenty of time to travel around!

We should be able to have the call in code ready by the end of the week.
For online, they have warned me there is about a 14 day waiting period, but then you can book online.

Your travel can originate from anywhere, with the destination being Denver. We need a minimum of 20 passengers to take advantage of this offer, so be sure to bring all your best mapping buddies :)

More information coming soon!




Am 99% certain of coming to Denver this September for SOTM. I'd like
to book flights as soon as possible before the fares start creeping up
nearer the time, however ISTR a mention of travel discounts when the
venue was first announced.

Is this still going ahead? I'm planning on coming over for 2 weeks, to
combine SOTM with a holiday (7th-21st or 8th-22nd); will any discounts
be valid in that case?

Would be coming from London.

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