[OSM-talk] How deep into mapping are you?

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Thu Feb 3 10:34:57 GMT 2011

I am on a bit of mission to get traditional cartographers and associations to encompass all the fantastic new mapping that is being produced by so-called neocartographers, which includes many folk working in the osm project and/or with the osm and other open data.

To this end I am submitting a proposal to the International Cartographic Association for a new Commission in Neocartography.
YOU could contribute as a member, contributor, observer or supporter (my terminology, not ICAs).

It has the approval of the UKCartoCommittee (who sponsor proposals with UK-nominated Chairs) and will be submitted in the next couple of weeks, for approval at the ICA conference in Paris early this summer. There is a nominated Vice-Chair, which is Manuela Schmidt - who is very involved in the organising team for SOTM-EU. Several folk have already indicated their support. Supporters do not have to be in academia, but just interested and involved in the wider world of mapping and geodata.

Have a look at the proposal. If appropriate I'd like to add YOU as a supporter (no commitment).
If you think you might be interested then please contact me.


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