[OSM-talk] magical road detector to play with

John-Michael Wiley jmwiley at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 4 05:12:34 GMT 2011

I made the changes, checked in the code and published them to the staging servers. If someone else wants to take a look at the output and let me know if you think. Unless I hear complaints I will update the production servers tomorrow.


I pasted the new output below.


<osmchange version="0.6" generator="magicshop">
    <create version="0.6" generator="magicshop">
        <bounds minlat="47.626690" minlon="-122.119339" maxlat="47.627491" maxlon="-122.116432"/>
        <node id="-1" lat="47.6266899" lon="-122.1164322"/>
        <node id="-2" lat="47.6271019" lon="-122.1169662"/>
        <node id="-3" lat="47.6273270" lon="-122.1172714"/>
        <node id="-4" lat="47.6273766" lon="-122.1174622"/>
        <node id="-5" lat="47.6273804" lon="-122.1180801"/>
        <node id="-6" lat="47.6273880" lon="-122.1184006"/>
        <node id="-7" lat="47.6273880" lon="-122.1185226"/>
        <node id="-8" lat="47.6273804" lon="-122.1188660"/>
        <node id="-9" lat="47.6274834" lon="-122.1193314"/>
        <node id="-10" lat="47.6274910" lon="-122.1193390"/>
        <way id="-1">
            <nd ref="-1"/>
            <nd ref="-2"/>
            <nd ref="-3"/>
            <nd ref="-4"/>
            <nd ref="-5"/>
            <nd ref="-6"/>
            <nd ref="-7"/>
            <nd ref="-8"/>
            <nd ref="-9"/>
            <nd ref="-10"/>

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I am also wondering if we should switch to osm change as the enclosing tag although the idea is not to give someone something they submit right to OSM. In our prototypes we have been adding the detected ways onto the map for the user to edit and approve. I generate new id's for the ones passed back to me so they don't conflict with current changes the user has already made.

I personally see no advantage for switching to osm change, as all features are new anyway, but indeed the disadvantage of being too easy to upload "as-is", without proper review...

- Chris -

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