[OSM-talk] [OT] questionario su "diritto d'autore nell'era digitale"

Maurizio Napolitano napoogle at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 09:40:57 GMT 2011

I was wrong
I wanted to write to the Italian mailing list.
The survey is also available in English.
This the english version of the email of Simone.

Object: A survey about some sociological issues related to copyright
in the digital age

By this message I would like to introduce a survey that I recently
created in order to go more in depth with the study of some
sociological issues on the topic "Copyright in the digital age:
attitudes, social perception and level of awareness".

The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete; it is
online and completely anonymous (we do not ask your name and we do not
record your IP address; so please relax and answer sincerly to the

The results of this research will be included in my Ph.D. thesis and
made available with an open access/copyleft approach. Each person's
attendance is important in order to accomplish my research, so I hope
that you will be able to dedicate the time to answer the survey. It
would also be very useful and appreciated if you could share this
announcement with your friends and collegues.

HERE IS THE WEBPAGE FOR THE SURVEY: http://www.aliprandi.org/en/survey

Simone Aliprandi – Ph.D. candidate at Centro Qua_SI of Bicocca
University of Milan.

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