[OSM-talk] Bing coverage - more levels

ant antofosm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 11:53:05 GMT 2011

Hi Dave,

On 09.02.2011 12:26, Dave F. wrote:
> Sorry, but I'm failing to see the point in this tool. Why would someone
> need to "get an idea" about where hi-res is?
> At <14 it gives inaccurate readings, at >14 you're to far in to *get an
> idea*.
> Hope you can explain it to me.

this map is a work in progress. First you must zoom in into an area 
you're interested in to see if there's hires imagery available. Upon 
zooming out one by one, the colouring gets rendered again according to 
what you've found. After a while you'll have a big mosaic indicating 
coverage on a wide range.

For example - look at Australia. There only a few areas are coloured 
green, which means there is hires (zoom 14 and more) imagery. A mapper 
might be interested in such a map to discover places in Australia s/he 
hasn't traced yet.

Then look at the U.S., or Germany. These countries have full coverage. 
There you might want to know which cities have got imagery that 
surpasses in quality the "normal" hires you find throughout the country. 
And again, you want to see it in lower zoom levels to get an overview.

What you do mean by "inaccurate readings"? I think the map is quite 

> Cheers
> Dave F.


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