[OSM-talk] What the license change is going to do to the map

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Wed Feb 9 19:28:00 GMT 2011

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:12 PM, Matt Williams <lists at milliams.com> wrote:
> I'm not a local at all so all I can do is 'armchair mapping' for this
> area. It looks like some of the ways that have been removed were
> previously imported from TIGER. It would be helpful if there was a
> TIGER layer that we could use as a background image for things like
> street names and to see obvious places there are gaps.

They seem to be doing a good job from Bing.  For those using JOSM I'd
suggest the Hillsborough USGS
 That is where I traced most of the data from originally.

> Are there any locals to the area who could get involved? If we're
> remapping the area we may as well take the time to improve it too.
> with things like POIs, turn restrictions etc.

The work being done on the buildings is just awesome.  Are there some
special tools being used for that, or is it just really fast tracing?

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