[OSM-talk] Boundary rendering bug

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 10 10:48:18 GMT 2011

> Apparently I failed to communicate clearly in my first email. Let's
> try this again.

Daniel was right, though. Mapnik doesn't see that data as ways and
relations. Both ways and relations are represented as lines in its db.
Relations are 'flattened' during an import with osm2pgsql, and mapnik
handles both of them exactly equal.

> Boundary relations tagged with admin_level=6 and member ways WITHOUT
> admin_level tags are rendered starting at z9

The *way* renders z9-z11. The *relation* renders z11+.

> Boundary relations tagged with admin_level=6 *and* member ways WITH
> admin_level=6 aren't rendered until z11

Both the *way* and the *relation* render z11+.

Aren't overlapping* boundary renderings fun? :(

* See my previous reply.


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