[OSM-talk] Bing coverage - more levels

ant antofosm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 16:26:57 GMT 2011

Replies to several statements in this thread.

On 10.02.2011 23:50, Lennard wrote:
> On 10-2-2011 23:37, ant wrote:
>> On 10.02.2011 20:25, Lennard wrote:
>>> @ant: Would it be possible to have the editors collect and report* on
>>> the available zoom levels, as users download Bing tiles while editing?
>> That's a brilliant idea, but I'm not involved in how editors handle Bing
>> maps. So the question whether they can provide such data at all should
>> be directed at their developers.
> Well, they will need to have a way to get the collected data back to
> you. I'm assuming, as things go in OSM, that once you provide such a
> mechanism, the editors would follow.

Fair point. That would require an API to be implemented (which I assume 
is a lot of work).
Also: How to authenticate the editors? That is, how to tell them apart 
from people willingly sending misinformation?

On 11.02.2011 03:19, andrzej zaborowski wrote:
 > Most of the information has already been collected as some sort of
 > relations which higher accuracy than the red/green tiles, I can't say
 > for all planet, but at least in Europe.  Should be possible to import
 > that into the bingimageanalyzer.

Sure is possible. But those areas aren't that accurate actually, because 
in general they've been derived from imagery borders. So you don't know 
what's inside those areas...

On 11.02.2011 08:18, Maarten Deen wrote:
 > BTW: isn't there a possibility to make an offline renderer for this?
 > This would speed the process up even more.

What do you mean by "offline renderer"? A script that renders tiles 
independently of the users' map browsing?

Anyway, conclusion to all development-related questions: Code is at 


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