[OSM-talk] New production build of magicshop

John-Michael Wiley jmwiley at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 11 21:20:49 GMT 2011

I just updated the servers http://magicshop.cloudapp.net with a new build. I apologize that I had to take down the servers for a few minutes during the upgrade.

>From Ido:
OK, like everything in IDF (Israeli army) the algorithm has three parts:

1.       Pre-processing - creating road probability map based on the user's clicks and a prior.

2.       Computing shortest path (Dijkstra)

3.       Post-processing - smoothing the path.
Changes are:

a.       I sped things up (mainly by doing some of the calculations in lower resolution, and simplifying the flow/removing redundant modules) [affects stages 1&3]

b.      I added a module that creates "shortcuts" along ridges in the road probability map (might introduce a minor performance improvement, but mainly makes sure the road won't wander off too often) [mainly affects stage 1 (and maybe a tiny little bit of 2)]

c.       I added a simple junction detector that occasionally finds a junction (and forces a node) [affects stage 3]


I also added debugging code. We have had a few crashes down in the processing code which leads to an occasional 503 from the web site. I have modified the service to record the url when this happens so we can hopefully track it down.

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