[OSM-talk] 12nm territorial borders - useful or rubbish?

Anders Arnholm anders at arnholm.se
Mon Feb 14 06:55:45 GMT 2011

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2011-02-14 03:22, Frederik Ramm skrev:

> For example, if I am inside this triangle between Scotland and Ireland,
> will my legal status (concerning, say, fishing quotas, or whom I can
> marry on board of my vessel, or whatever funny things influcenced by
> international borders) be really any different from the status I had if
> I moved my vessel 2 miles in either direction?

Yes, I'm not sure abo9ut teh Uk or Irish rules in details but in and
around sweden if for example you are a small vessel, some of the
international shipping rules are not applied for you ship. Such as the
need to carry day signals. Outside the water limits these rules don't
applie any more and you can be fined. The data in the swedish borders
comes form a EU database, not looked deeper into it.


> Or are we, by using these auto-generated (and perhaps not
> human-reviewed?) borders, suggesting a precision that isn't there? Would
> the UK coastguard have a good laugh when I claim to be in international
> waters at that location?

Isn't the legal case same for everything? Hey officer my gps said the
was 90 here. Claming anything based on the map i think is wrong.

> And my third question is, assuming that there are really good reasons
> for having these lines in OSM - who takes care of updating them once the
> coastline is modified by a mapper? I think it is a rather unique
> situation to have that kind of data-derived-from-other-OSM-data in OSM
> itself, and thus this has many of the same problems that an import would
> have (i.e. the source data has changed, what now).

Who take resopsibilti to update any data, does these lines differ
really. The real line i then as well is not just 12nm outside the coast
but some kind of simplifactions of that 12 nm, also there are issues
when the line overlaps between two contries.

> I'd like to hear from people who tell me that yes, these borders are
> really useful to have ;)

I personally would love OSM to have much more usefull data even at sea.
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