[OSM-talk] 12nm territorial borders - useful or rubbish?

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 07:14:31 GMT 2011

On 14 February 2011 16:52, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au> wrote:
>> Would the UK coastguard have a good laugh when I claim to be in international
>> waters at that location?
> If youre more than 12 miles from the coast (which is what is mapped)
> then youre in international waters, why would they laugh at that fact?

Actually, that's one of the areas where it's often changed.  If you
are in a bay, and the mouth of the bay closes enough that you can't
get in without going through territorial waters, it doesn't matter how
big the bay gets afterwards, all the waters inside it a belong to that
country also. There's an example here, and it looks like it is
displayed correctly, which makes me think this part of the boundary is
not auto-generated.


The question would be if that rule applied in that little triangle or
not - it's not a bay, but it is impossible to get to without going
through territorial waters, so I'm not sure.

There's a number of other places were the border has obviously been
corrected - not auto-generated.  Are we sure any of it was?


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