[OSM-talk] Spain needs OSM love

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Mon Feb 14 08:25:58 GMT 2011

>> Wow, what a lot of work. What made you decide to go down the
>> subjective assessment path, rather than just counting the number of
>> OSM entities within a given bounding box?
> Was this done entirely by hand, or did you have some automated process
> to help with this?  Id really like to look at doing something similar
> for other areas.

As for another example of semi-automated quality assessment of a region,
take a look at http://tinyurl.com/6jgklu8 (it's in Russian, google's rough
translation is at http://tinyurl.com/5tcf8c7 ). It is based on German
"State" template and has a detailed legend http://tinyurl.com/67hb6gp and a
short step-by-step algorithm of validation http://tinyurl.com/65p3wtk
(translation: http://tinyurl.com/65tru9e ). All of that is made into a
template (not in wiki terms, but an empty page to fill) with lots of
guidelines for adopters. Only in Russian language, since it's optimised for
our regions. I've used it for two regions (where I map myself), and quality
check for towns takes little time: just going through pre-made filters in


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