[OSM-talk] Power-user GPS app for Android?

Ivan Petrushev ivanatora at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 09:49:40 GMT 2011

Can you suggest me a power-user GPS application for Android?
I've recently switched from my Sony Ericsson K800 to Android and
really miss MapNav. Most of the android apps I've tried are really
naive - there is a map, and there is a dot representing your position,
and this is all. Some of them have online routing via Cloudmade or
other service. Not something really impressive.
There are two cases I'll be using that app for:
A) collect data for OSM
B) when on a trip - checking and correcting OSM data
For A) - I don't want anything with a embedded OSM editor! I like to
make marks (in the app), take photos and then later enter all data in
I'm often in regions with no access to Internet. So I need all maps to
be prepared before and use them offline. Preferably use vector maps
because of the scaling and routing.
Also if using routing (and it is new to me and I don't find it really
"a-must") it should be offline routing.
About tracks - I keep lots of tracks, some of them with 5k+ nodes. I
need to be able to easily tell which track is what.

MapNav was a perfect app with tons of options, but it won't run on
Android. There are certain emulators but none of them get to run it
smoothly. That's why I search for something that is android-native,
but so far I haven't hit anything worthy. I've checked OsmAnd and it
has troubles saving tracks. I've checked Maverick and it has troubles
saving POIs.

I've created a list of features that I need and a list of features
that it will be nice to have but not mandatory.


- Tracks
-- record track points by distance traveled (for example "every 50 m")
or by time (for example "every 10 s"). Combination of two can be
possible with AND or OR.
-- save and load tracks
-- view saved tracks in list select active track
-- export/import track formats - at least GPX
-- display and update active track on the map
-- ability to easily pause track recording (for example when you are
standing still at one place)

- Marks
-- ability to quickly add new mark (or call it POI if you like) around
my current location
-- ability to add new mark with specific coordinates (useful for geocaching)
-- easily export and import marks

- Main display
-- display current speed
-- display distance between current position and a selected target position
-- display distance between random two points

- Map sources
-- offline maps easily created
-- OSM
-- downloading Google Earth (or other sources) tiles from Internet


- Tracks
-- show altitude and speed profiling of a track
-- edit track nodes (for example cut nodes out of the track, or split
track in two)
-- rename saved tracks
-- list saved tracks with details (like length, timestamp of first
node, timestamp of last node) and sorting
-- display more than one track over the map at once

- Marks
-- ability to take photo and geotag/add it to a mark

- Main display
-- display current coordinates and altitude
-- number of points in active track
-- ability to show a "ruler" on the map
-- display satelite status

- Navigation
-- ability to calculate route from point A to point B w/o Internet

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