[OSM-talk] Power-user GPS app for Android?

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 15:08:07 GMT 2011

That's a pretty long and very specific list of requirements for a
single app. As others have said, you will probably need to make use of
multiple apps to cover all of this functionality.

One app I haven't seen mentioned yet is OSMTracker. It is useful as a
surveying aid. It records traces and lets you tag locations along the
way using either predefined POIs or a text note or a geo-tagged
picture or a sound clip. You can export it to a GPX file and load that
into JOSM and everything will show up in the editing area as you would
expect. It doesn't have much for map display though. Just a basic tile
viewer. Also, the native android camera app lets you enable
geo-tagging all by itself.

Vector rendering can be done by a couple of programs. The one I have
played with the most is MapDroyd. The paid version (NavDroyd) does
offline routing as well. It has come in handy a couple of times when
I've been out in the middle of nowhere. A recent update brought
offline vector rendering to OsmAnd but I haven't played with it. It
also lets you download and cache tiles as well as POI data (think the
"data" overlay on osm.org) for offline use. And yes, OsmAnd lets you
add a limited number of POI types (online only)


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