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Yes, a curving way will likely contain more nodes than a straight way, so simply counting nodes doesn't give a meaningful measure.  The real questions are (a) how much of the information has been entered, and (b) how accurate is the information that has been entered.  The latter question, in particular, requires local knowledge.

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you mean counting the tagged nodes and ways?

That sounds dangerous, what if somebody splits highways in small potions? 

in some places, somebody has imprted hundreds of buildings, but that does not increase very much the quality of a map, 

then you need to consider separately the main tag (name=x) because that means a lot 

then there are areas with short streets (medieval quarters) and areas with long streets (suburbs) , etc etc etc... sounds very complicated

You would need a lot of time to create a function that can replace the honest opinion of someone who knows a bit about OSM and about the area of interest. I dont think it's worth the effort in my case.


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hello list,
here is a ranking of the cities/towns in Spain which need the most OSM love. 
click 4 times on the last column to see them sorted:


Wow, what a lot of work. What made you decide to go down the subjective assessment path, rather than just counting the number of OSM entities within a given bounding box? 

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