[OSM-talk] New script: gpxsplitter, chops GPX files with waypoints

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Wed Feb 16 08:19:00 GMT 2011

gpxsplitter splits multi-track GPX files, containing waypoints, into individual one-track GPX files with their respective waypoints.

I've been dragging my feet releasing this script… so, here it is. If you've an i-Blue 747, Qstarz Q1000, or other MTK-based GPS unit, then you understand the problem—when you download data from these devices, tracks and waypoints are all bludgeoned together, and need to be split before use. gpxsplitter does that splitting. It's intended to be run first-thing after downloading data from the unit via gpsbabel or mtkbabel.

You can directly download it here:


but it's probably better to get it from the git repository, and read the other material about it:

 * Git repository: http://gitorious.org/samatjain/gpxsplitter
 * Blog announcement: http://blog.samat.org/2011/02/16/gpxsplitter-Split-GPX-files-with-their-waypoints
 * Wiki page (collects all information about the tool): http://wiki.samat.org/GpxSplitter

There are probably any number of bugs. Please let me know about them (and please send a testcase)!


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Samat K Jain <http://samat.org/> | GPG: 0x4A456FBA

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