[OSM-talk] Why isn't any XAPI server available ?

Anders Arnholm anders at arnholm.se
Sat Feb 19 07:46:20 GMT 2011

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2011-02-18 22:47, David Murn skrev:
> Is there any language slower or more resource intensive than java?

Yes, there are many, Java have is strengths and down sides, Java as any
language have it's strengths and down sides. Speed in Java can be much
better that C, C++ or even hand optimized Assembler. It can also and
java's weak sides, for performance, is it's dependence on garbage
collection. That even is proved mathematically be a more efficient way
of handling memory allocations tends to do the memory handling at for
the user bad times.

And real time performance in almost all applications have very little
with the language to do, but with the chooses of algorithms and
data-storage chosen for the application.

> currently, in the world), then who cares about java, why isnt it written
> in optimized C or some other similarly lowish level language, rather
> than java?

There can be a 1000 reasons, and all valid.
A good team knowing java but not c.
C make to much time go into development compared to an object oriented
C have no good api's to connect to the other services around.
The bottle neck is not at all in the code for the service but in stuff
around it.
When is comes to error's in the code, web, net servers in java are as
possible to break, using java is not a safe way to make sure the code is
correct. It still need to be planned and safe for internet usage. The
typical safety problems thou differ because different things are hard
ans easy in the two language families.

Just a few random morning thoughts.
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