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I have also encountered situations where an imported road is in the correct location, but is incorrectly tagged, such as with the name of a street that is actually a couple of miles away.  The imported data may also lack Points Of Interest, or a given POI may be out of date (for example, I found and corrected a post office in my neighborhood that was still shown in its original location, twenty years out of date).

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On Sun, 20 Feb 2011 10:16:10 Mike N wrote:
> On 2/19/2011 8:04 PM, Andrew Errington wrote:
>   Imports aren't always bad.  Consider the equivalent case of one or
> more mappers who worked heavily in your area 2 years ago.  You might
> discover errors and lack of new roads and come to the same conclusion.

That case is not equivalent because it's hypothetical.  My observation is 

Anyway, I like the idea of using imports as a 'scaffold' for building real 
objects.  Imported data could sit on a separate layer, much like GPS traces, 
then a mapper can either trace over the imported shapes, or select an 
imported object and 'promote' it to become a real object (then join it up to 
existing objects), or select an imported object and delete it, either because 
it already exists, or it's wrong, or it has served its purpose for tracing.  
Over time the import layer will fade away once all of its objects have been 

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