[OSM-talk] Why no link from osm.org to osmbugs.org?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Feb 20 09:36:01 GMT 2011

>Could it be because not many people use it?
     >I still don't understand why, in a collaborative project, that     osmbugs is used as a record to get other people to amend missing     items 
     >"Feel free to put the modifications you would like to see on OpenStreetMap on the map."
     >That is from the front page. To me, it goes against the way OSM is     meant to work; if you want to see modifications to OSM then do it     yourselves.
     >Much more useful is the likes of Keepright which can flag up fixme     tags.>

If you get the time!!! 

Say you're out on a walk and you don't map every single footpath in the area on that day, and, because it's a long way away, you're unlikely to go back there.

Or, you notice something missing reasonably close to you but never get out there.

Or, you're mapping somewhere and want to know what's missing.

All these make openstreetbugs very useful..


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