[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 18:56:35 GMT 2011

2011/2/20 Frank Steggink <steggink at steggink.org>:
>> This is killing OSM. We are not here to provide a free API to government
>> geodata that can be obtained trivially elsewhere. OSM is all about "added
>> value"; by deleting genuine surveyed data in favour of mindless duplication
>> of other, poorer quality datasets, we are _destroying_ value.


> ...Because the scale of the
> province and the entire country, it is simply impossible to depend on local
> users for contributing to OSM.

given the actual user base

> Anyways, because there are only a few active users, I decided to join the
> Geobase NRN (roads) efforts at one point, and Canvec at the beginning of
> this month.

It is obvious that a crowd based mapping can not work without an
actual "crowd".

> Regarding the age of
> the data (which can be 30 years old): it is still better than nothing for an
> area which is too vast to survey by individuals like you and me.

better for what? IMHO for attracting other people to the project it is
worse. If I came along a project full of imported old stuff with lots
of outdated and wrong features I'd rather turn my back then beeing
attracted to correct the mess. On the other hand if you had some good
quality but scarse and incomplete data people will understand the
method and scope of the project and some might join you in your
mapping efforts, so in the end it might work out.

Even if you import now up to date and "complete" data, if there is not
an active comunity to support and maintain this data its value will
shrink every day and it will be outdated soon.


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