[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

Thomas Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 08:59:21 GMT 2011

On 21 Feb 2011, at 07:09, yvecai wrote:

> IMO, 'imports' should be simply considered as datasources, not data.
> We lack tools to properly use this data. Having great tools like for imagery or GPS tracks in the various editors, maybe with a copy/paste feature to import data semi-manually would be very valuable.
> Then the 'import' job could just be to make the datasource easy to use to contributors.
> A server to centralize this datasets could help for visibility.

Just to throw another anecdote out there – I did look at OSM many years ago.  At the time I thought "pfffft, they haven't even got my country on the map, let alone the little town I'm in, there's no way this'll get anywhere".  A few years later I became a contributer because there was at least *some* data available that made the map useful – all I had to do was make it *more* useful.

What I'm saying is that to me, no data was more of a turn off than some data.

I'd suggest that instead of simply banning imports we need better tools for monitoring map quality and for showing users what our monitoring tool thinks of their area.  If we tell new users "hey, look at this bug list/source/date of origin overlay and see what you can add/change/delete/fix/..." rather than simply presenting them with a map that may or may not be correct we might get more communities spring up.

Essentially – tell people what they can do to help more clearly!


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