[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

Mike N niceman at att.net
Mon Feb 21 14:30:36 GMT 2011

On 2/21/2011 5:44 AM, Peter Wendorff wrote:
> And finally we should work on reduction of the fear to make things
> wrong, as I think, that fear is growing with growing complexity of
> existant data.

I consider myself fairly comfortable with the editing tools, but 
recently while attempting to enter data from survey obtained during 
travel, I was completely intimidated by the cluster of landuse + admin 
boundary + "Communications infrastructure" imports.   I believe other 
tools place these on separate layers to avoid information overload.

   Next time I travel to that region again, I won't bother to survey; 
it's too much hassle to try to enter information in the tangled jumble 
of lines.

   I agree with those who have experienced mixed results after importing 
land use data - think 3 times before bringing it into your area, if at 
all.   If you just want 'colored maps' for your region, it should be 
possible to combine these at render time.

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