[OSM-talk] Tools for a better tomorrow

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 00:49:14 GMT 2011

I think there's been a useful discussion in the other thread for ideas
which might help the project move forward, and so I'm going to lay
them out and hopefully we'll have a more focused discussion.

Idea 1: Better collaboration, especially regarding changes people make.

This is something that several people expressed as an issue. They want
to be able to discuss changesets better, and be able to refer to
changesets in changesets.

I have some ideas on communication which I hope to announce in a few
weeks. As for changes in changeset, I think that could be solved with
a new changeset tag "refers_to" or "child_of", and the value would be
the original changeset.

Idea 2: An "Import" Layer

The idea didn't come up this way, but one of the topics of discussion
at a recent Wikipedia event I attended was the importance of Wikipedia
Commons. Where Wikipedia is a secondary source, Wikipedia Commons
allows users to upload primary sources for access.

In the OSM context, the idea was for us to have an upload function
like we do for GPX, but that would support import data, such as
shapefile, KML, etc.

This data could be used by users working on data.

Idea 3: Better import testing

If people are interested, I talked about this idea a while back, of a
testing framework for imports and bots.

This can include maps, but also (I think) should include seeing some
sort of changeset of proposed changes, and allow users to comment on
the process and output, before it hits the main database.

Idea 4: Better comparison tools.

A common concern by those wanting to do imports is we lack good
comparison tools.

Are there other things folks think we need or could be doing better?

- Serge

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