[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Feb 22 08:46:31 GMT 2011

Am 22.02.2011 00:10, schrieb Peter Budny:
> I would be naive to think that I have all the answers, or even some of
> them.  It's a lot easier to point out problems than to solve them.
> However, you were kind enough to ask, so let me try to do some
> brainstorming:
> [..]

> Here's another issue that ought to be much easier to solve, but hasn't
> been: the relation analyzer.
> http://ra.osmsurround.org/analyze.jsp?relationId=36947
> That particular relation follows the "correct" practice of using
> role=(blank)/forward/backward, but even this isn't recognized by the
> analyzer.  What it ought to show is just two chunks: from point A to B,
> and from point B to A.  With the current display, how is one supposed to
> figure out if relation is completed or not?
Should not be very difficult to solve - but anyone has to do it.
> What about GPS tracks... how does one deal with those?  The only
> interface I know is to click on "GPS Traces" from the slippy map, but
> that just gives me a list, and shows every trace in the whole world.  I
> only want to see traces for the region I'm looking at, like "show me
> every GPS track within 100m of this highway".
Support of GPS tracks in OSM is very basic, I think.
Selecting GPS tracks by a set of tags is not possible, too, I think.
There even is no set of tags to apply as a "standard". That leads to a 
situation where it's not possible to say "give me traces recorded by 
> I see there's a wiki page on change monitoring, but it doesn't look like
> there's anything very sophisticated.  Perusing the history when there
> are so many edits that are -180 to 180 is a big turn-off.  If mappers
> are supposed to watch their hometown for changes, shouldn't they be
> given tools to do that with?
Try OWL for that: http://matt.dev.openstreetmap.org/owl_viewer/
It's a tile-based RSS-Feed-Generator. You can subscribe for a set of 
predefined tiles and get every changeset inside that area(s) as RSS-Feed.
> Like I said, this is just brainstorming.  I'm sure other users also have
> ideas for tools that would make the editing process a lot less tedious,
> without even touching on the topic of automated edits.  Tools like these
> can benefit everyone (unlike a discussion on how to tag lumber yards or
> hotdog carts or whatever the question du jour is).
You are completely right.
The problem is: We miss developers with enough time and motivation to 
create these tools, and that's a problem not possible to solve by 
writing an email.

Don't miss the point here: It's a good first step to identify what kind 
of tools are missing; but there is no automatic-tool-creator.

Feel free to learn programming, to find people who want to do some of 
these tools. Or feel free to wait if anyone starts himself after reading 
your mail.


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