[OSM-talk] XAPI and using a home server

MP singularita at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 23:37:53 GMT 2011

> Triggered by your request, I've made a deployable version of OSM3S. 
> It needs
> only modest hardware requirements (1 GB RAM and 40 GB hard disk space
> for the
> entire world). See

 This could be interesting, though having two simultanously updated 
 copies may not be the best ....

 But I assume you can update semi-manually (from time to time run a 
 script that will download and apply all minute diff from last update 
 until now and once the database is finished updating, then query it... 
 until you think the data are too old and re-run the update again) and 
 then you will need only one database, right?

> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM3S/install
> It has a different syntax than XAPI and partly different
> capabilities, but if
> you work with map data and don't need metadata about users, you
> likely can use it.

 Hmmm ... in some cases the username and time may come handy (especially 
 for queries like "find wrongly tagged stuff by user X before time T, 
 where T is time when I send him message that he is doing something 
 Is there option to turn these fields on at cost of some extra disk 


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