[OSM-talk] [OSM-dev] Let's put more wikipedia-tags in OSM WAS Re: Some Questions about the Collaboration of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Thu Feb 24 20:41:23 GMT 2011

On Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:16:22 AM M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> I invite everybody to look in his region for features (not only
> place-features) to see, if they are already linked to wikipedia. In
> case they are not I suggest to add a tag in the form:
> wikipedia=<language-code>:<article-name>
> as suggested here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:wikipedia
> e.g.
> wikipedia=en:London
> or
> wikipedia=it:Hong_Kong

AFAIK, do *NOT* include underscores in the key name… as is mentioned on the aforementioned wiki page.

E.g. that should be:

wikipedia=it:Hong Kong

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