[OSM-talk] Coastline updates

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 25 21:26:11 GMT 2011

On 25-2-2011 22:02, Jochen Topf wrote:

> We have a server that has planet file kept current each day for Taginfo.
> Maybe it can do the coastline check, too. It only has PBF files, though
> which the coastline checker doesn't understand. But we could work around
> that or change it. Storage should also not be a problem, but RAM could be.
> The machine has only 16 GB. Anybody know how much RAM the coastline
> checker needs?

The first stage of the coastline checker tool chain is a modified copy 
of an old revision of osm2pgsql. It could be adapted for pbf, same as 
the current osm2pgsql. It does two passes over the data, that's why a 
simple pbf2osm pipe doesn't work.

The rest of the tool chain works on the resulting interim files, and 
wouldn't need to be adapted for a pbf planet.

16GB should be plenty. Last year I could still do a complete coastline 
run with a 4GB server, and it probably needs less than that.


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