[OSM-talk] Featured mapping, parks

colliar colliar4ever at aol.com
Mon Jul 4 15:21:51 BST 2011

Am 04.07.2011 02:09, schrieb Josh Doe:
> Has anyone considered creating "Featured mapping of the week", similar
> to Best of OSM [1]? Or featured/example mapping for key/tag pages? These
> would pick out certain areas that are very well mapped, to be used as
> examples for others to follow.
> What I'm thinking about at the moment is mapping of parks, something
> I've been working on in my area. I'd like to see examples of other well
> mapped parks, to see how I could improve the ones I've worked on. Here
> are two such parks I've mapped recently, which I'm pretty happy with,
> but I'm sure I'm missing something:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=38.76211&lon=-77.29749&zoom=15&layers=M <http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=38.76211&lon=-77.29749&zoom=15&layers=M>
> (Burke Lake Park)

Why is the lake from the park excluded ? Is it not part of the park ?

Cheers colliar

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