[OSM-talk] OSM Emitter

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Tue Jul 5 18:23:44 BST 2011

On 05/07/11 17:03, Oleg wrote:
> Hi All
> Seems like this is a good place to tell about a new way to add places 
> to the map. There is a lot of people who use twitter actively with 
> their mobile phones, which has a gps on board. Now you can use 
> location-based tweets to add POIs to the map :)
> The project just started and we plan to improve it using some beer and 
> Thursday's nights ;) We're open for discussion and want to turn this 
> service into really helpful and funny tool.
> Check it out: http://osmitter.com <http://osmitter.com/>
It seems to use osmitter I have to link my twitter account to osm 
account. That sounds like a good idea because it means my edits will be 
under my name. However it seems I have to grant osmitter sweeping rights 
to my twitter account. If I agreed,  osmitter would have rights to add 
new followers and send tweets as me, so I can't agree to that.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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