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Hi Oleg,

Well you beat me to it :) This is in fact almost exactly what I had in mind
and what I discussed at WhereCampEU.
Apart from the comments Martin made, we also discussed using a mention
instead of a hashtag. This helps to keep the user's followers twitter
streams free of the osmitter tweets that do not make sense to most anyway.
The rationale here is that a tweet starting with a @mention will - I believe
- only show up in your follower's stream if they also follow that account.
Also, I've been thinking about feedback to the user. Because GPS is
generally inaccurate in dense urban areas this way of adding things to OSM
will result in quite a number of those things ending up on the next block or
on the wrong side of the street. It would be good if there were some way for
the user to easily review his submissions. This could be done in a number of
ways. Firstly there is the intermediate layer that Martin mentioned. I was
talking to Oliver (Skobbler) about using MapDust for that and that makes a
lot of sense to me. If you choose to go the route you chose and add directly
there should be either something like a queue of twitter submissions on the
osmitter web site that you could pull up to review your submissions, or
possibly a twitter reply with a link to a mobile site allowing you to do
that. As it is, this system will generate a lot of inaccurately located POIs
– or does your experience show otherwise?
A last thing that I've been thinking about implementing is a way to add
links to photos to the POI. Twitter clients on smartphones generally have
tight integration with photo sharing services - take a picture, twitter
client uploads and inserts link to image page on sharing service. That link
could be added as a tag (url:photo or something?) to the poi.


On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 8:06 PM, Oleg <gelosi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> Yes, I've talk to Shaun McDonald - he told me about this discussion. The
> sad thing - I was planning to visit wherecamp this summer as well, but no
> luck there ;)
> Think, correcting posted data is a useful tool, we can do that - as we can
> keep all the data, we'v parsed.
> First we want to add is a human-readable tagging - so, you can add "fast
> food italian pizzeria Ololo #osmit", but, still thinking on formatting and
> parsing rules on this case. A good example is another place, named "French
> Fries", for instance...
> If there's any idea on parsing both of the cases correctly... and yes =
> we'll update that example!
> --
> RO
> 2011/7/5 M∡rtin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
>> While I think that this is generally not a bad idea, I'd still expect
>> that the data has not the average positional quality OSM usually has.
>> Martijn van Exel gave a talk at Wherecamp-EU in Berlin about the same
>> topic (twitter to osm) and in the following discussion the consensus
>> was towards a intermediate layer where those tweets would be stored,
>> so that you can do reasonable verification at home with the comfort of
>> a map and probably some nice aerial fotos in the background to
>> validate the "raw" data.
>> I also stumbled upon the first tagging examples on your page:
>> Italian pizzeria
>> amenity=cafe name=Pizza Ololo cuisine=italian #osmit
>> Is this really consensus to tag a pizzeria as cafe? There is also
>> restaurant and fast_food in the amenity value-set.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin
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