[OSM-talk] shortened names

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Thu Jul 7 04:43:24 BST 2011

On 07/06/2011 11:35 PM, Robin Paulson wrote:
> is there any consensus on shortening of parts of names?
> e.g.:
> street/st
> saint/st
> avenue/ave
> point/pt
> mount/mt
> i was under the impression consensus was to type the full word, then
> renderers would shorten where necessary? apparently some mappers
> disagree though


I remember also seeing a list of common abbreviations, for help in
decoding ones you don't know. One thing it pointed out is that some
words have the same abbreviation, e.g. Saint and Street both abbreviate
to St. This makes it harder to programatically un-abbreviate than to
programatically abbreviate.

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