[OSM-talk] house numbers, new zealand style

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 03:54:51 BST 2011

i'm currently adding house numbers to some properties in my locality
(and using this to prepare for an import).

the problem is this: some blocks of houses have both a street address
and a unit number. so we might have the situation of 12/8 mount eden
road, auckland

which means:
property number 12
unit 8
mount eden road
this will be attached to unit 1, unit 2, unit, ..., 7, unit 9, etc.

i checked out the numbering schemes on the wiki and can't see anything
which covers this. any suggestions?

my idea was to label the building as number 12, mount eden road

and then add points in the centre of each unit, with their full
address, i.e. including the unit number. what do you think?


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