[OSM-talk] Project of the Week: Vienna, and future PotW

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Jul 8 04:13:18 BST 2011

<h2>This week</h2>
We're on the way to Vienna for <a
of the Map-EU</a>, so the Project of the Week is to map those things
that will help you get to Vienna.  <a
map your trains, planes and auto service stations on the way from home
to Vienna</a>, or the cobbler shop who repaired your shoes.

<h2>Next week</h2>
While we're at SotM-EU next week, <a
will be on Hiatus</a>.  If you aren't with us in Vienna, consider
browsing through previous Projects to find one to inspire your mapping
this week.

<h2>Project of the Week of the future!</h2>
Project of the Week was created by Steve Coast in 2010 and has been
maintained by Steve, and then Richard for more than a year.  It is
time for more voices to be heard in the Project of the Week.
Volunteer to be the next PotW maintainer, or nominate a candidate that
you think will be great at maintaining PotW.  The project of the week
for 20 July 2011 is to <a
the next maintainer for Project of the Week</a>.

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