[OSM-talk] SOTM-EU starts in Vienna on Friday / Lightning Talks

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jul 9 19:52:33 BST 2011


    in 6 days (or make that 5.5), SOTM-EU is going to open in Vienna. 
Here's the list of attendees http://sotm-eu.org/attendees, here's the 
schedule http://sotm-eu.org/schedule, and here's the registration URL if 
you spontaneously decide to come: https://sotm-eu.org/registration

I'll be hosting the Lightning Talks sessions. If you already know that 
you're planning to hold one of those 5-minute talks presenting your pet 
project, software, or new tagging schema to an interested audience, it 
would make my work easier if you email me in advance.

I'm excited to be meeting many of you in Vienna. The talk lineup is 
great - for example, it'll be the first time for me to hear first-hand 
from the authors of Maperitive, Keepright, Overpass (was "Server Side 
Script") or Mapnik Metawriters.


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