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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 14:04:03 BST 2011

OSM is two things one is a set of technical standards, that's the easy part,
the other is a group of people which is much more difficult.  People can
feel frustrated because their concerns are not being addressed an a solution
is being imposed.

Personally my preference is for an accurate map with lots of detail.
Unfortunately in some parts of the world OSM does not have enough mappers
with enough technical equipment (accurate GPS devices)  or skill to be able
to do this.

Cheerio John

On 11 July 2011 03:00, Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com> wrote:

> I'm speaking strictly personally here, posting to talk@ and opengeodata.
> I don't think anyone I know in OSM would want to be part of a community
> like that. I think it's a sad low point in what otherwise is a wonderful
> project to be involved in.
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