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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 15:30:33 BST 2011

As I mentioned people can get frustrated.  I made three requests apparently
to the incorrect people to have data deleted prior to deleting some but
since have made a formal request which was ignored.

The CANVEC data wasn't a major issue and could easily have been reimported,
it was some of the other data that was mixed in with it that is the problem
and its not so easily identifiable.  I think it was Ordnance Survey
identified derived data as being a problem.

I would be more than happy if any data that is not labelled CANVEC import
under my user id could be removed, to me CANVEC was not the major issue and
that would get rid of the major source of the problem data.  I can then drop
back in the clean manually mapped bits.  I think others interpreted CANVEC
is being the problem area, I certainly didn't identify it as being the only

By the way under the new CT OSM can change the license on the data.  CANVEC
have agreed that .ODBL or SA are acceptable and I'm happy with that.
However CANVEC does not have the authority to release the data when the
subsequent license can be changed.

As you yourself have stated the new CT is not import friendly and the
uncertainty that introduced by the "oh and we can change the license to
whatever we like" part of the new CT effectively means it is impossible to
accept any imported data licensing.

I think OSM's current niche is the community side and to accept individual's
data to build the map and basically get out of imports.  Let others build
the maps that combine imports with user data.

Cheerio John

On 11 July 2011 09:23, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 07/11/11 15:17, john whelan wrote:
>> I inadvertently included some grey material and requested it be deleted
>> from OSM, that request was ignored.
> Are you a different John Whelan from the John Whelan who deleted (not
> "requested it to be deleted" but "deleted without prior discussion") lots of
> his imported data in Canada, tearing down with it contributions by many
> others, because of so-called license doubts when at the same time a member
> of the government agency that released the data went on record on talk-ca to
> say "everything is all right"?
> Bye
> Frederik
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