[OSM-talk] Orphaned Relations

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Jul 18 09:15:25 BST 2011

Sarah wrote:

> I have created a list of the relations sorted
> by last editing user here:
> http://osm.lonvia.de/stuff/orphans.html

> Question remains what to do with the existing orphaned relations.
> Is there any legimate use for them or would it be save to simply
> delete them all?

I've just deleted the empty one that my name was against (392063).
It looks like I didn't delete it properly when I found that a
relation had been created by another user at the same time (dmgroom
392062) for the same boundary (we were working on Haiti boundaries
at the time). It is 392062 which is documented on the wiki

With regards the others, I suspect relations with no members
*should* be safe to delete. Probably. 


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