[OSM-talk] Video for conferences (loosely related to SotM-EU)

Adam Schreiber sadam at clemson.edu
Thu Jul 21 20:36:58 BST 2011

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 12:25 PM, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> A recurring question for FLOSS conferences in general is;
> What's the best way to stream our presentations to those who can't be
> here, and to store them for the historical record.
> I don't know the answer.  The team at SotM-EU did a super job of
> recording the talks and posting them quickly.  I've run across a
> F/LOSS project that offers similar functions, in FreeSeer.  i've not
> tried it yet and will welcome feedback from any with experience with
> it.

There's an offer from Flumotion [1] to do streaming in Free formats
for free [2].  No clue if they're still making the same offer though.



[1] http://www.flumotion.com/
[2] http://thomas.apestaart.org/log/?p=1329

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