[OSM-talk] data reconciliation tools

Fabian Schmidt fschmidt at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Jul 25 08:47:13 BST 2011

Am 23.07.11 schrieb Michael Kugelmann:

> I for my personnal view think that's way too slow for current demands: we 
> should see at least a daily update for the demands of the current work which 
> is necessary to replace ways. Is there a way to speed up e.g. by getting 
> closer to the main database or so?

On Saturday the update to the recent full planet dump finished, so the 
data is now from June.

A speed up depends on the way the diffs work. Can sbd. tell me whether the 
daily/hourly/minutely diffs contain all changesets of the day/... or only 
the last version per object?

Beste regards,


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