[OSM-talk] shortened names

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 23:10:51 BST 2011

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 10:44 PM, Kay Drangmeister <kay at drangmeister.net> wrote:
> Am 27.07.2011 19:22, schrieb M∡rtin Koppenhoefer:
>>> Am 27.07.2011, 12:01 Uhr, schrieb Richard
>>> Fairhurst<richard at systemed.net>:
>>>> every native English speaker would
>>>> pronunce St in that context as 'saint'. That, to me, is a pretty
>>>> conclusive
>>>> argument that we should tag "St".
>> In Italian "S." can mean "San", "Sant'" and "Santa", "Ss." can mean
>> "Santi" and "Santissimo"/"Santissima"/"Santissimi"/"Santissime"
>> because you have to care for gender, grammatical number and if the
>> name starts with a vowel. I guess dealing automatically with this is
>> not completely impossible but it certainly requires some effort (not
>> to mention if you wanted to apply different rules for all languages
>> that occur in the planet).
> That, to me, is a convincing argument to tag the unabbreviated form
> and let software (easily) do the abbreviation, instead of tagging
> the abbreviation and have software do the (next to impossible) task
> to un-abbreviate.

"name" is what is on (the majority of) the signs

Anything else belongs in a different tag (long_name, full_name,
pedants_name, whatever)

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