[OSM-talk] Something between a changeset and a comment

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Jun 16 22:07:47 BST 2011

Dear All,

Have you ever wondered about a changeset comment from a particular
mapper, but found that browsing through a changeset was a little more
involved than you had hoped?  Me too.  I've always wanted some kind of
a summary, of what is being done in a changeset, or various places.  I
still wonder.  But until somebody solves those problems, I've been
creating some daily summaries of mapping activity, by day and by
mapper.  Have a look.


The results are in html files for browsing, and in csv if you want to
do something interesting with the raw numbers.  I thinkit would be
cool to see a bunch of histograms from this data.  Anybody want to try

The html columns are sortable, but there is a known bug that means the
username column only sorts in a weird, non-sorty way.  Enjoy the other

Best regards,

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