[OSM-talk] Potlatch 2.2

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Jun 19 18:12:38 BST 2011

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce Potlatch 2.2 is live.

New features include:

- Greatly improved vector background layer support (load shapefiles in 
the background and bring elements through one-by-one), including 
reprojection from OSGB
- Control-drag an area to select multiple elements
- MapCSS 0.2 support
- Highlight 'merged' tags (e.g. name=High Street;Main Road)
- 'View data' button in the upload progress dialogue, so you can select, 
copy and paste the changeset XML
- Timed reminders to save your work!
- Lots of bugfixes and little improvements

As ever, thanks to everyone who's helped, particularly Andy (A) who 
contributed lots to the unglamorous refactoring behind the vector 
background layer improvements.

There's also a special mode to show the licence status of the elements 
you're editing. This will help you not to waste time editing an element 
that may be deleted later, and make it easier to get areas "ODbL-ready".

To use it, simply choose 'Show licence status' from the Options 
dialogue, and make sure you're editing with the standard Potlatch map 
style. It will show:

- Elements where version 1 was created by someone who's declined 
ODbL+CT: solid red
- Elements where a later version was edited by a decliner: transparent red
- Elements with a version edited by someone who hasn't decided yet: 
transparent orange

(As yet it only shows node/way status, not relations.) Results are from 


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