[OSM-talk] MySQL Spatial Import Tool?

Leonid Khaylov leonid.khaylov at googlemail.com
Thu May 26 17:10:58 BST 2011


After days of surfing in the internet I couldn't find for MySQL any tool
similar to osm2pgsql. All I want to do is to visualize the OSM data for
Germany on GeoServer with MySQL DB. The tools I found like Osmosis and
osm2sql save the data in a non-spatial schema, that's why GeoServer can't
visualize it.

Can anybody make a clear statement, whether such tool for MySQL exists? I
know that MySQL support is not well tested on the GeoServer and that
Postgres is a preffered DB, but MySQL is a requirement in my case.

Would appreciate any help!

Thank you!
Leonid Khaylov
Computer Science
TU Darmstadt
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