[OSM-talk] Portugal proposal for the SOTM 2012

Jorge Gustavo jgr at osgeopt.pt
Sun Nov 13 18:16:15 GMT 2011

Hi all,

Since the SOTM 2012 call for venues is now open[1], we are willing to 
organize it in Portugal. The local OSM community just started a national 
wide initiative called something like "Let's make the map of Portugal" 
and the SOTM would happen by the end of that initiative. The community 
is very motivated and willing to do more.

Some of our arguments to organize the SOTM 2012 are:
* a new SOTM program that includes:
** a new "design and code sprint week", to gather in the same room the 
technical people (just before SOTM 2012);
** a full day for the OSM-F board meeting, at a nearby location (before 
or after SOTM);
** 2 full days for the conference, plus an optional half day to the OSMF 
general assembly, with enough time to discuss many issues face to face;
* low cost access to facilities like rooms, auditoriums, wifi, etc;
* low cost accommodation and food;
* fully support (accommodation + food + coffee) for designers and 
developers for the design and code sprint;
* an entirely local organization supported by volunteers, as the OSM 
project is (no offense to professional organizers);
* the legal support from the local OSGeo chapter (non-profit 
organization), to provide proper invoices, receipts, etc;
* local experience in event organization (taken advantage of the local 
OSGeo chapter experience);
* able to capture local sponsors;
and last, but not the least,
* free beer, as in "free beer" for the welcome reception and gala dinner.

 From now on, we are available to answer any questions related to our 
proposal. Any suggestions that may improve it, are very welcome, and can 
be sent directly to the local committee email address 
sotm2012 at osgeopt.pt or can be written down on the wiki, at:

Best regards,

By OSM PT Community,

Jorge Gustavo

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_Of_The_Map_2012/Call_for_venues

P.S. If some else also offers free beer, we will raise our offer...

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