[OSM-talk] Statistics on road network length?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 16 11:43:03 GMT 2011


On 11/16/11 12:22, Matthias Meißer wrote:
> Does anybody has an idea if there is another platform, that splits up
> this number by countries?

A platform, no, but a means - illustrated for a small country:

% wget 

% wget -O- 
osm-length-2.pl > /dev/null

highway length sums (metres):
track              4845387m
secondary          1982316m
residential        1629088m
primary             981455m
unclassified        787765m
service             606435m
footway             580123m
path                462068m
tertiary            444727m
cycleway            391501m
motorway            297223m
motorway_link       122052m
trunk                41977m
construction         33806m
pedestrian           19771m
steps                18720m
road                 14388m
trunk_link           11592m
living_street        10476m
bridleway             8280m
primary_link          6816m
raceway               5100m
services              2152m
rest_area              877m
platform               661m
secondary_link         573m
proposed               305m
noway                  164m
peer                    78m
crossing                72m
turning_circle          31m
ford                    24m
TOTAL             13306019m


Note that for comparison with official figures you will somehow have to 
account for dual carriageways which are mapped, and counted, as distinct 


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