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Jeffrey Warren jeff at publiclaboratory.org
Tue Apr 17 20:43:05 BST 2012

see especially the Gowanus Canal (!!!!): http://g.co/maps/ds8bs - and check
out the credit line!

These were all public domain maps, not CC-BY, which many Public Lab
contributors' maps are. But it's still great to see uptake by big players.
One wonders if they'd accept CC-BY maps. Maybe we can put a big banner with
"CC-BY" on it in each map... :-)

Also i have to mention, this being the OSM community -- these are raster
maps -- aerial images, not vector data. i.e. not a competitor!

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Subject: [PLOTS] Google connects with Public Laboratory Map Archive
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We have some exciting news to share – Google Earth is now using 45 of the
maps the Public Laboratory community produced!

The Public Laboratory Archive includes many public domain-released maps -
so that they can be redistributed without "friction". Such is the case with
today's announcement -- Google is now publishing finished maps from our
archive that have the public domain designation. We are excited that Google
has connected with our open data archive, and hope that
other organizations will choose to do the same. The Google Geo "Lat Long
Blog" has a nice post on the new maps in Google. We hope to continue
distributing our maps to Google several times a year.  This first wave of
maps includes 45 total maps and 9 that are showing up in Google Maps as
well as Google Earth.

Google Lat Long Blog:

KML feed. Download this feed and see the maps in Google Earth (they're
already in there, this is just a list of places/times):

We’re preparing a news release now, which we'll hopefully send out later
today, but in the meantime, it would be great if people could help spread
the word about this exciting initiative. Please let me know if you have any

Thanks once again to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation -- whose
generous Knight News Challenge grant helped make this possible.


Stewart Long
director of geography and data

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